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Hi ! Here news mattes painting I made on season 1 on Arcane.
I've been working on this show, a Riot Games serie for 5 years now, with the most talented people at Fortiche prod πŸ’ͺ😍!
I've learnt so much since I got here, I'm so grateful for this opportunity !
Here you will find one of many sequences I've worked on, as a 2D matte painter.
Many other artist were involved on the making of every single shot. I couldn't name them all but I will credit the people from BG department on this sequence :
Art Direction : the best of the best julien georgel Art director at Fortiche Production

Lead Matte Painter / Colorscript and Concept art: my Master Kevin Le Moigne Art Supervisor at Fortiche Prod
Concept art Riot: Arnaud Baudry Production Designer / Senior Concept Artist at RiotGames
BW Design : Guitty Mojabi 2D Background/Concept Designer at Fortiche Prod .
Asset Modeling 3D : Maxime Blin 3D Generalist
Cammapping environnement 3D artist : Aymeric Rondol CG artist 3D